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Seahawk Madness

So today I bought my Seahawk season tickets. Quite frankly, I can’t wait. Football is very important in my house, but only to me. My mom is a basketball gal, it’s all March Madness for the next month. And my dad is into boxing.

Tomorrow I’m going have to break the news to my boss that I need every home game off. That’s gonna be fun. Hey, at least I’m giving them a heads up. People just don’t get why I NEED season tickets. Football is kinda my thing, I’m a bit lost without it.

This off season is going to be particularly hard. I was unemployed for the last couple of months and while I was applying for every job opening from here to Atlantis I watched A LOT of football.



First thing I need, though, a new jersey. I only have my Bronco’s jersey now 😦 and yes, it is Tebow.

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Introduction, And All That Jazz.

So I was reading The Great Gatsby the other day and it made me realize something; life is fleeting (If you’ve read the book, you get it)! So I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Start a blog. If no one reads it, that’s okay.  If it becomes popular, well, that’s okay too.

Above: What I pictured when I started typing this.

Some things I’ll definitely end up talking about are music, football, politics, and anything else that crosses my mind. You can also email me with a topic you think is fun 🙂